Oil & Gas Business Environment and Finance Workshop

Program Date

7 Oct 11 Oct 2024

Program Location

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Program Venue

The Reverie Saigon

Registration & Payment Deadline

31 Aug 2024

Program Overview

The oil and gas industry is quite diversified and heterogeneous. The companies operating within the sector range from large integrated entities to small exploration and production companies. All of these enterprises have to face certain financial and regulatory considerations, be it industrywide or area-specific. In the face of recent technological advancements, the business environment of the sector is changing rapidly. By examining the supply chain of the oil and gas industry, one can build a clear picture of existing challenges and possibilities. Such information is indeed valuable for making sound financial decisions and ensuring compliance with given regulations at both industry and country as well as international levels.

Oil & Gas Business Environment and Finance Workshop in HCMC, Vietnam has been specifically designed for professionals in the oil and gas industry that are willing to keep up with current trends in the sector and analyze global market forces influencing their business activities. Moreover, it will allow you to craft customized strategies for respective organizations to meet the requirements of sustainable growth, maximize profit, and reduce financial risks.

Target Audience

The program is best suit for:

  • Accountants and Finance Professionals Working within the Oil and Gas industry
  • Managers and C-Suite of Oil and Gas Companies
  • Anyone involved in the investment decision-making processes of Oil and Gas Companies
  • Bankers and Professionals Working in Energy Lending
  • Public sector officials with responsibility for the state management of Oil & gas resources
  • Engineers and Project Managers.

Program Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate Comprehensive Understanding of the main features of Global Oil and Gas Industry
  • Analyze existing trends, challenges, and opportunities present in the Oil and Gas Sector
  • Comprehend macroeconomic factors and market forces that shape Oil and Gas Industry
  • Participate in strategic decision-making processes of Oil and Gas Companies and suggest corresponding insights
  • Advise the Management on appropriate financing decisions & make capital investment decisions.
  • Evaluate the performance of leading Oil & Gas companies and determine the areas of the best practice
  • Identify and Suggest the methods for eliminating and reducing financial risks facing Oil & Gas companies.

Program Contents

Section 1 – Oil and Gas Business Environment (2 Days)

  • Global Market Forces – The influence of OPEC and ASEAN, The role of Africa and the US
  • Global Reserves and Peak Oil
  • Challenges and Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector
  • The Role of Alternative Technologies
  • Emerging territories and access costs
  • Environmental aspects of the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Aligning Strategic Direction with Global Picture
  • Input and Cost Management
  • Output and Pricing Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Relationships
  • Production Agreements and Joint Venture Partnerships
  • Regional Government; Global Upstream and Downstream Models
  • Oil and Gas Industry Governance and Policy Design
  • Economic Crime and Corruption
  • “Dodd-Frank” Act and Its Impact on Oil and Gas Industry
  • Sharing Global Best Practices.

Section 2 – Finance, Accounting, and Strategic Design (3 Days)

  • Resources and Reserves in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Financial Issues and Volatility
  • Demand, Energy Prices, Exchange Rates, and Interest Rates
  • Strategic Planning and Analytical Tools
  • Balancing Upstream, Downstream, and Midstream
  • Crafting Growth Strategy: Exploration, Diversification, Horizontal & Vertical Integration
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures
  • Product Sharing Agreements and Strategic Alliances
  • Optimum Capital Structure and the Cost of Capital
  • Appraising Capital Investment: IRR, NPV, Modified IRR, and Payback
  • Financial Forecasting and Analysis Using Excel
  • Energy Price Modelling
  • Risk Management Strategies and Risk Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis, Sensitivity Charts & Scenario Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Hedging Energy Prices and Interest Rates
  • Foreign Exchange Rates using Financial Derivatives
  • Accounting for Hedging and IFRS
  • Interpreting ‘Energy Specific’ Ratios
  • IFRS for Oil and Gas Companies
  • Classifying oil and gas costs: Capitalize, Expense, Exploration costs, Development costs, Production costs
  • The impact of different accounting methods on financial statements.

Program Methodology

Oil & Gas Business Environment and Finance Workshop in HCMC, Vietnam is a highly participative workshop format with presentations, case studies, group and individual assignments, and practical tasks. Relevant examples are provided to illustrate the application of each of the topics covered, including participative exercises using Excel. Each learning point is reinforced with viable precedents to enhance the understanding of the delegates and ensure the successful and instant practical appliance at their workplace.

Program Fee

Payment Options

Fee Covers

  • Visa Assistance (Complimentary)

  • Participant Assessment

  • Airport Pickup

  • Accommodation

  • Wi-Fi

  • Welcome Dinner

  • Breakfast

  • Workshop Kit

  • Program Materials

  • Program Experts

  • Practical Activities

  • Lunch

  • Refreshments

  • Interactive workshop

  • City Map & Direction

  • Risalat T-shirt

  • Field Visit

  • Program Certificate

  • Entertaining Tour

  • Program Report