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Program Overview

Humanitarian emergencies are showing an upward trend across the globe. This is due to worldwide economic volatility, increased number of conflicts and significant climate change. Emergencies pose greater risk of malnourishment of affected societies that might lead to sudden disease break out or even death. Identifying and implementing functional and effective strategies for managing malnutrition is crucial for susceptible communities, therefore requiring professionals and specialists that are well-trained in nutrition. This extensive training course addresses specifically that need and supports an increased capacity of individuals working or willing to work within the field.

Target Audience

The program is aimed at professionals and practitioners across all sectors and disciplines of humanitarian assistance. Specifically, some of the following:

  • Professionals working in humanitarian and development sectors
  • Relief Workers
  • Nutritionists
  • Health and Food Security Staff
  • Emergency Program Managers
  • Anybody interested in Food Security and Nutrition in Emergencies.

Program Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this intensive training course, the participants will be able to:

  • Assess and Analyze Nutrition, Food Security and Food Aid Needs in Emergencies
  • Describe the root causes for malnutrition
  • Design, Plan and Implement the Interventions for solving food insecurity and malnutrition issues
  • Monitor and Evaluate the performance and the implementation process of interventions
  • Comprehend international humanitarian standards of food security, nutrition and food aid
  • Objectively Review the quality of emergency nutrition responses
  • Define critical challenges while dealing with food security and nutrition programming.

Program Contents

  • Introduction to Food Security and Proper Nutrition
  • Defining Emergencies
  • Issues in Emergency Food Security
  • Food Security Information Systems
  • Monitoring Food Security
  • Food Security Indicators
  • Nutritional Status, Indicators and data
  • Food Aid Programs and Interventions
  • Non-Food Programs
  • Agricultural and Livestock Programs
  • Nutrition Interventions
  • Emergency Selective Feeding programs
  • Supplementary Feeding Programs
  • Therapeutic Feeding Programs
  • Micronutrient Interventions, prevention and treatment
  • Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies
  • General Food Distributions
  • Determining Appropriate responses for food security crisis
  • Humanitarian Standards and Coordination
  • Frameworks and Standards in Food Security Program Planning
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Linking emergency food programs to non-emergency food programs.

Program Methodology

Program on Food Security and Nutrition in Emergencies in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan represents a well-blended mix of theoretical and practical activities.  Contemporary adult learning techniques will be applied while delivering the sessions. Open presentation will be supported by group discussions, situational analysis, video examples and case studies. The presenter will promote the participation of delegates and encourage interactive learning process.  Each session will be finalized by acquiring attendee feedback in order to improve the coming sessions and offer tailored approach to individual needs and requirements.

Registration Information

Program Name: Program on Food Security and Nutrition in Emergencies in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Program Code: FSNEP21N

Program Dates: 26 – 30 April 2021

Registration Closes on: 28 February 2021

Venue: King Hotel Astana

Program Fee: $2550

Fee Covers: Visa Assistance (complementary), Participant Assessment, Airport Pickup, Accommodation, Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Workshop Kit, Interactive workshop, Program Materials, Local Expert, Practical Activities, Lunch, Refreshments, City Map, Field Visit, Certificate & Entertaining Tour.

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