E-Governance, Digital Transformation and Innovative Public Service Delivery Workshop

Program Date

22 Jul 26 Jul 2024

Program Location

Tallinn, Estonia

Program Venue

Hotel L’Ermitage

Registration & Payment Deadline

31 May 2024

Program Overview

Information and Communications Technologies have given rise to worldwide revolution and fundamentally changed the ways we work, learn, or interact. Governments all around the world have been recognizing the value of digital transformation. Effectively constructed and implemented E-government can boost the efficiency of public service delivery, yield substantial cost-savings, enhance citizen participation, and promote the image of the upfront government. Besides, digital solutions can simplify the process of compliance with regulations. Consequently, many policymakers, both from developed and developing countries, have been looking to transform their systems and enter the new era of digitalized governance, intending to recreate the way of interaction with citizens, businesses, and other arms of government.

E-Governance, Digital Transformation and Innovative Public Service Delivery Workshop in Tallinn has been specifically designed for those professionals who would like to enhance their digital fluency and realize the challenges and perspectives e-governance has to offer. Throughout the course of the program, delegates will become equipped with a comprehensive understanding of policy trends in digital transformation, as well as strategic planning tools for e-governance. Our team at Risalat aims to share global best practices with program participants and suggests the ways of modifying and employing this experience to ensure value maximization.

Target Audience

The program is best suit for:

  • Managers and Executives of Public Entities
  • IT Service Providers
  • Business Process Design and Operational Excellence Specialists
  • HR Executives, Finance Managers, and Auditors
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Public Officials involved in Digital Policy Planning and Transformation
  • Anyone interested in e-governance and digitization of services for better quality.

Program Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this workshop, its attendees will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of e-governance, its importance, and benefits
  • Employ automation solutions to improve public service delivery and enhance quality along with customer satisfaction levels
  • Identify opportunities for employing digital solutions to modify and refine the outcomes of existing practices
  • Recognize citizen needs in multiple areas of work including policy writing, communications plan creation, and service improvement
  • Drive change and operate online management through e-governance.

Program Contents

First Day

  • The Definition of E-Government
  • The Types and Components of E-Governance: to a citizen, to business, to an employee, to government
  • Address problems and challenges caused by outdated technologies and systems
  • The benefits and the importance of E-government
  • Increased involvement of local governments through reforms and change management
  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • How is E-Government Progressing?
  • The perspectives and opportunities of E-Government
  • What are the KPI’s to consider while measuring Outcomes?

Second Day

  • Introduction to Digital Transformation
  • Government VS Private Sector
  • Pillars of Successful Digital Transformation
  • Process Automatization and Prioritization
  • Incremental Delivery
  • Data, its importance, and value
  • Promoting Citizen-Centric Approach
  • Delivering Customer-based Digitalized Solutions
  • Changing Expectations of contemporary customers
  • What are customer expectations from the government?

Third Day

  • Innovation in Public Policy and Service Delivery
  • How is the innovation defined?
  • Innovation Theories
  • How to identify opportunities for innovation?
  • Determining Priority of Initiatives for E-Governance
  • Funding Availability and ROI
  • Organizational Readiness and Customer Demands
  • Building an Effective Strategy for E-Governance
  • Indicators of Implementation Success.

Forth Day

  • AI, Block Chain, and Other Buzzwords
  • Delivery Methodologies – Agile, Waterfall, Kanban, Scrum, Lean
  • Outcome-Focused Strategic Planning
  • Digital Transformation and Customer Service Excellence
  • Challenges to Implementing E-Governance
  • Political pressure and external interference.

Fifth Day

Full-Day Exposure Tour – Sharing Host Country’s Knowledge and Best Practices in E-Governance and Digitalized Public Service Delivery.

Success Story – Estonia’s 20 years of Digital Transformation

Program Methodology

This program is designed as a highly practical and interactive workshop on top current issues in E-governance, Digital Transformation, and Innovative Public Service Delivery. All sessions include examples, group discussions, case studies, and other exercises. Active participation of the class will be encouraged to benefit from the full value of the course. All delegates will receive comprehensive course documentation for use before, during, and after the program. Thus, they will return to their organizations with an extensive and valuable source of information for future reference.

Program Fee

Payment Options

Fee Covers

  • Visa Assistance (complimentary)

  • Participant Assessment

  • Airport Pickup

  • Accommodation

  • Wi-Fi

  • Welcome Dinner

  • Breakfast

  • Workshop Kit

  • Program Materials

  • Program Experts

  • Practical Activities

  • Lunch

  • Refreshments

  • Interactive workshop

  • City Map & Direction

  • Risalat T-shirt (complimentary)

  • Field Visit

  • Program Certificate

  • Entertaining Tour

  • Program Report