Water Irrigation Management Training Course

Program Date

25 Nov 29 Nov 2024

Program Location

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Program Venue

Samnang Laor Hotel

Registration & Payment Deadline

30 Sep 2024

Program Overview

Irrigation is an essential determinant of agriculture while its inadequacies are one of the most powerful constraints of agricultural production. Worldwide, irrigated agriculture consumes at around 70 percent of all water abstracted from rivers and ground waters. Irrigation can be very important at both country and farmer levels. In a number of countries there is an increased pressure on irrigation sector in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of water use. Irrigation management plays crucial role in today’s world, since the value of water has leveled up as we need it for increased food production and economic development.

Target Audience

Water Irrigation Management Training Course in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is designed for individuals who are working in water resources or rural development sectors. The course is suitable for both beginners and professionals, as it covers the water irrigation management system from basic to more advanced.

Program Objectives

Upon the successful completion of Water Irrigation Management Training Course in Phnom Penh, Cambodia the attendees will be able to:

  • Improve on-farm productivity and water use efficiency
  • Upgrade on-farm water management
  • Increase the profitability of irrigation
  • Adopt practices which sustain land and water resources on- and off-farm.

Program Contents

  • Assessing the Available Water Resources
  • Assessing the Soil Resources for Irrigation
  • Irrigation Equipment & Techniques
  • Irrigation Scheduling
  • Waste Water & Recycling
  • Ways to Optimize Water Efficiency
  • Measuring Water Usage
  • Drainage System Design
  • Managing System Maintenance
  • Irrigation Controllers
  • Managing Fertigation
  • Evaluating Irrigation Designs & Different Systems
  • Fodder & Cash Crops – Irrigation Requirements
  • Management Structures for Irrigation
  • Economics of Irrigation
  • Role of International Funding Agencies in Irrigation Development.

Program Methodology

During this interactive training course in Cambodia, we will be using a mix of theory and practice, going through the real-life irrigation management examples and modern solutions. The maximum participation of delegates will be encouraged during the case studies and group work.

Program Fee

Payment Options

Fee Covers

  • Visa Assistance (Complimentary)

  • Participant Assessment

  • Airport Pickup

  • Accommodation

  • Wi-Fi

  • Welcome Dinner

  • Breakfast

  • Workshop Kit

  • Program Materials

  • Program Experts

  • Practical Activities

  • Lunch

  • Refreshments

  • Interactive workshop

  • City Map & Direction

  • Risalat T-shirt

  • Field Visit

  • Program Certificate

  • Entertaining Tour

  • Program Report